Indoor Clouds

Throughout the history of mankind, clouds have carried all sorts of negative connotations. They have been read pessimistically as a sign of misfortune or the premonition of a tempest or as simply as a blemish in the sky ruining an otherwise perfectly bright sunny day. But Berndnaut Smilde, an Amsterdam artist, has been making indoor clouds since 2010 for his amazing artwork.


For making indoor clouds, it needs meticulous amount of calculation and an excellent weather control inside the room. The air in the room have to be kept just cool enough that water vapor (produced by, essentially, a fog machine) cann’t fully condense into rain, but warm enough that it condense around dust particles in the air (just like naturally occurring clouds). Then too, the space had to be dry enough that the ambient moisture didn’t condense the vapor, but moist enough that the vapor wouldn’t diffuse out and fill the room (after all, that’s what fog machines are built to do). Then a fog machine is used to make the temporary indoor clouds

The indoor clouds are not meant to last. So they can’t make you home your dreamland.  They just mix with the water vapour of the room and disappear within minutes.








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