Cathedral Termite Mounds


If you think that the humans are the only creative architects among all leaving being who can build skyscrapers on the earth then you are definitely wrong. Termites are also master builders. Their iconic mounds can reach 10 feet or more in height. Mounds occur when an above ground nest grows beyond its initially concealing surface. The excellent thermo-regulation inside the mound allows these termites to stay above ground where other species are forced to move into deeper below ground areas. The superb design helps drive air circulation currents inside the mound. Its amazing how such a small insect can make such gigantic structure on this earth.



World in a termite’s eye




Cathedral Mounds in the Northern Territory of Australia


Mounds of “compass” or “magnetic” termites (Amitermes) oriented north-south, avoiding mid-day heat)


Termite mound in Queensland / Australia


Termites in a mound


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