HD 69830 c : Most romantic place in the planetary systems


If space travel was possible then it would have been the most preferred dating planetary place for the all the couples. The fabulous view of the night sky of  exoplanet HD 69830 c makes it the most romantic place in the universe.


The exoplanet HD 69830 c is at the right distance from its star for liquid water to flow, or in the so called habitable zone. The planet orbits the star, HD 69830 which is a orange dwarf star approximately 41 light years away. In 2005, the Spitzer Space Telescope discovered a debris disk orbiting the star. The disk contains substantially more dust than the Solar System’s asteroid belt. The asteroid belt of solar system is far away from earth. Therefore, we hardly see asteroids in our night sky with the naked eye. However, the proximity of  the debris disk of the HD 69830 to the planet  HD 69830 c, gives the planet a fantabulous night sky.


Considering the proximity of the asteroid belt to the planet, we can expect heavy meteor showers every single night, making HD 69830 c the pinnacle of romantic stargazing. We hope it’s comforting to know that the peak of future of space exploration may be your great-great-grandchildren having tons of shuttle sex on the planet equivalent of Lookout Point.


Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19662_6-real-planets-that-put-science-fiction-to-shame.html#ixzz2lxpGv7B5



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