Now you can draw electronic circuits onto a notebook with a ball pen


Innovation is one of the magical words of the century. People like to hear about new innovations made by the great innovators and scientists. The new innovation which we are discussing is about a pen which can be used to draw a electronic circuit board.We all hear about the electronic circuits in our high school. Electronic circuits are generally made over a printed circuit board (PCB). All out day today electronics, such as TV, computer, calculator, doorbell, watch, cell phone etc have some electronic circuits.


In our high school we learn how to draw electronic circuits on paper. However, most of us don’t purchase a PCB and make any real working electronic circuits. But now two innovators have discovered a pen which can be used to draw real electronic circuits. These circuits will actually work if we connect battery at the ends.


The researchers have made a ball point pen, which they call Circuit Scribe, can be used to print circuits over a paper. The pen consists of a quick drying ink that can conduct electricity. Emerging out of research from the University of Illinois, the team is now accepting your cash through Kickstarter to help bring it into the real world. $20 will get you a pen and an LED component, while $30 will buy you a basic kit, complete with plenty of accessories to help you test the systems to their fullest.


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